Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Jerky Video off CD .avi in Kaffiene after /hdd Permisison Problems

I've noticed sometimes when I get problems like listed earlier this day (finicky CD/DVD ejecting & unmounting permissions), I get jerky motion when I finally am able to play something like an .avi off the mounted disc. I can stop Kaffiene and even pkill it, but it still continues. The problem stops if I reboot and run the .avi off the cd/dvd again.

Any idea what's going on in the background here? Is there another process I have to kill, or do I simply have to wait a long time before jerkiness doesn't become an issue? Or is reboot the only solution?

CD Will Not Eject, Unmount

  1. burned using k3b
  2. still showed as blank cd-rom on desktop
  3. used physical eject button on cd, closed drive after it opened
  4. tested data on cd: cd showed up with label, file opened
  5. tried to eject (gave error)
  6. tried to unmount (gave error i.e. "error: kio_media_unmounthelper unmount: /media/hdd is not in fstab")
  7. (light on cd-rom drive is flickering)

Solution: If I wait a couple minutes, I can then use right click->eject

I guess other apps aren't releasing permissions to the drive to preven accidental manipulation and use by other programs?

(edit: same dealie with my USB flash stick. I moved files into a directory on my desktop. Well after it was finished, I attempted to right click-> safely remove, and it gave me the same error)