Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Sysadmin: an exercise in being functionally lazy.

I'm sitting on my couch, working really hard on my laptop. Everything is perfectly arranged around me while I study.

The linux box sitting 15 feet away from me has an internet radio station playing on amarok. The next song comes on, and it's louder than the other songs.

I really don't want to get up.

Surely some linux user has had this grave problem before. I was about to do a google search for an app on my Windows 7 laptop that would do it, then i realized I already had Putty set up to connect to my pc. All I need is the command for the command line.

To reduce your volume 15%
aumix -v-15
Too much? Increase 5%
aumix -v+15
(You may need to install the aumix package to use the commands above)
apt-get install aumix

I'm sure there's many other ways to pull this off (it is Linux, after all). Feel free to share if you have one!

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Anonymous said...

Does the radio station have replay gain enabled? It's a pretty standard tag and implementation for most media players.