Sunday, April 29, 2012

Firefox makes strange sound when loading a new page or tab

A couple of weeks ago, when I'd open a new page in Firefox, there was a loud sound on my speakers.  It sounded a lot like the sound you get when you would press rewind and play on a cassette tape.

Turns out an update to NoScript must have done it.  There is option to play a sound when something is blocked.  I looked in Tools -> Add-Ons -> NoScript -> Preferences -> Notifications, and sure enough, the notification sound was turned on, and playing the sample gave me the same sound as what I was hearing.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!! My PC started doing this and I was freaking out lol. You're nothing but Awesome for posting and helping me with this!!

Anonymous said...

Same here. I'm not sure why No-Script turns this strange notification sound on by default, but thank you!

Anonymous said...

a miilion thanks to you. been looking for answers in google for 7 days no one adressed this-installed every spyware antivirus on the face of the earth you can think of-was freakin out; you made my day :) thanks man!!!