Sunday, 1 December 2013

Google Does Evil, Again

If it wasn't bad enough that Google started forcing Youtube and Google accounts to be amalgamated a year ago, and continually bugs you to use your real name when you log in (I already told you I'm not using my real name!), now it does an automatic opt-in to post your Youtube comment onto Google+.

Google is clearly hell-bent on linking all your Google-owned and acquired services and forcing you to do it in the forefront without any regard for what YOU want displayed to others.

We already know that when you sign up for club cards and accounts on the internet there is all sorts of tracking they do behind the scenes.  Maybe we're ok with that, maybe we're not. 

What's really not cool is when you have several distinct accounts with different logins you don't purposefully connect, and Google takes it into their own hands to do it for you, publicly, auto-opt in.  Go to hell, Google.

Need to start looking up openCloud and my own domain.  I need to jack myself out of this screwed-up Matrix.

(Yet they know that takes time and effort many people don't have.  Goddammit, Google.)

Add the hilarity that people who say it's a good thing post those comments with usernames that are nothing like real names.  Hypocrites.  Shills?

Possible help:

Hack to take care of of the "Youtube keeps bugging me to use my real name"

How to disable Google+ auto-posting to Youtube:

Go to Google+
Home (on left)
scroll down on the main page until you see this (near the bottom):

Show your Google+ communities posts on the Posts tab of your Google+ profile. Learn more.
Show these profile tabs to visitors (they're always visible to you) Learn more:
  • Photos
  • YouTube / Videos
  • +1
  • Reviews
Uncheck the Youtube / Videos box.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Why I Don't Buy Apple Devices (and Why I Do Support Linux and Open Software) - Reason 1.

Buy a movie on itunes for your iPad.
Hook up iPad with video dongle to a display such as a projector.
Can't play the content because "the display is not a supported device". 
It would have been fine if it were an Apple TV, though.

Welcome to the oppressive, religious cult of Apple.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Converting .ape files in Linux

I came across some .ape files the other day.  Apparently, they're a lossless format like flac.  And the name?  MonkeyAudio.  Get it?  Because the extension is .ape.

Licensing apparently isn't full-on open-source kosher, but there are a couple of utilities you can use if you need to convert the for an audio play that doesn't handle .ape.

Option 1: via the command line, install this package

sudo apt-get install flac libjmac-java lame mp3splt

run like this:

lossless2mp3 START_DIRECTORY

(The author intends to add more options in the future.  View the helpfile for lossless2mp3 to see what they currently are.)

Option 2: use SoundConverter.  Download and install via your package manager software.

Currently more than a couple hundred people have posted good reviews on it.