Sunday, 11 August 2013

Converting .ape files in Linux

I came across some .ape files the other day.  Apparently, they're a lossless format like flac.  And the name?  MonkeyAudio.  Get it?  Because the extension is .ape.

Licensing apparently isn't full-on open-source kosher, but there are a couple of utilities you can use if you need to convert the for an audio play that doesn't handle .ape.

Option 1: via the command line, install this package

sudo apt-get install flac libjmac-java lame mp3splt

run like this:

lossless2mp3 START_DIRECTORY

(The author intends to add more options in the future.  View the helpfile for lossless2mp3 to see what they currently are.)

Option 2: use SoundConverter.  Download and install via your package manager software.

Currently more than a couple hundred people have posted good reviews on it.