Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Sometimes no audio in Firefox pages with Flash

After having my system up and running for a while, I noticed that if I use Amarok and then open Firefox, videos in YouTube would have no sound. I figured this was just a wonky Kubuntu feature until I decided to actually research the problem.

This problem was solved if I would reboot the system and open Firefox and watch videos first (before playing music). The problem still was recurring, though.

Apparently this is more than an ALSA sound driver fight between Firefox and Amarok. It's actually a bug (see link).

How to fix your Firefox audio: open a terminal/console, and type
cd /tmp
mkdir /tmp/.esd
ln -s /tmp/.esd-1000/socket /tmp/.esd/socket

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Anonymous said...

When you are playing the video, go to your volume icon in the task bar. Left click on it. Below the setting is 'Mixer'. Every app that needs volume will show up when use it - otherwise there may be only a couple in there. Each has its own volume settings. Play the YouTube video again - there will not be any volume. But go to that mixer setting again and there will be another one for the video. Raise that app's volume. This should work for every app that for some reason doesn't have audio but should.

I tried all the other fixes. The easiest one was the fix for me and I uninstalled and reinstalled everything.

Hope this helps!