Monday, 3 September 2007

Lost Running Applications / Programs in Toolbar

A while ago, I was adding and removing applications from the panel, and the spacing between them got all screwy. Next thing I know my list of running applications is gone.

Couldn't find it for the life of me. Gave up trying to find an answer, said "screw it", and just started using alt+tab to switch between running programs. Still annoying though.

Incidentally, I discovered if you move your mouse cursor over the title (top) of a window that's open, using mouse's scroll wheel will make you switch between the last two windows.


Happened to be on #kubuntu ... and someone there posted a similar problem. To get back your application list in your toolbar / panel:
  1. right-click on toolbar in an empty spot
  2. click "Add Applet to Panel" (this is where you say AHHHHHH!)
  3. click Taskbar and OK.

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