Thursday, 7 January 2010

Common Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts

I've finally started on my Network Technology course, where I will be doing and MCSE, CCNA, and possibly prepping for a Linux+, all in the next eight months. Stay tuned for some more interesting tidbits on the blog as I have time.

On another note, I am aware of some OS keystroke shortcuts, but had the urge to use more. Why don't I know the one for Show Desktop, for instance (it's Ctrl-Alt-D). You can also map keyboard shortcuts, which is really handy if you want to use something like the Windows key.

  • Win+E - Shows all workspaces in a nifty way and lets you switch between workspaces easily.
  • Alt+Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow – Move to Workspace on Left/Right
  • Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right Arrow – Move current window to another workspace
  • Alt + Shift+ Up Arrow – This initiates a cool looking window switcher interface with which you can switch between windows using Arrow keys while holding Alt + Shift
  • Alt+F9/F10 – Minimize/ Maximize current window
  • Alt+F5 – UnMaximizes Current Window
  • Alt+F7 – This shortcut activates the move window option that lets you move current window using arrow keys. You can even move window to other workspace, try moving it to extreme right.
  • Alt+F8 – Resize current window with arrow keys
  • Ctrl + Alt + D – Show Desktop/ Restore open windows if show desktop used earlier
  • Alt+Shift+Tab – Switch Windows in Reverse Direction as done using Alt+Tab
  • Shift+Ctrl+N – Create New Folder, Very useful shortcut
  • Alt + Enter – Show properties of a selected file/folder without requiring to right click on it and select Properties.
  • Ctrl + 1/2 – Change folder view to icon/list.
  • Ctrl + W – close current Nautilus Window
  • Ctrl + Shift + W – close all open Nautilus Windows
  • Ctrl+T – Open a new tab in Nautilus
  • Alt + Up/Down Arrow – Move to Parent Folder/ Selected folder
  • Alt + Left/Right Arrow – Move Back/forward in Nautilus
  • Alt + Home – Move directly to your Home Folder
  • F9 – Toggle display of Nautilus Sidepane
  • Ctrl + H – Toggle Display of hidden files and folders
  • Ctrl + Alt + L - Quick shortcut to Lock Screen if you need to be away from your desktop for few moments and don’t want others to see your desktop.
  • Alt + F1 – Open Applications Menu
  • Alt + F2 – Open the Run Application dialog Box
  • Win + Mousewheel – Zoom in / Zoom out Desktop. This one’s pretty useful if you are having a wireless keyboard/mouse.
(shamelessly stolen from TechnoTraits... if you found these of use, be a sport and visit them!)

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