Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Burning .nrg images with K3B

I downloaded a file and it was a .nrg file, which I know is an image file you can use to burn an image of a CD.

What I forgot is that .nrg files are images used in Nero. I don't have Nero, I use K3B.

Thanks to the folks at, they gave some insight as to the situation. If you strip the first 300 bytes of data off the .nrg file, the remainder is an ISO file.

So to change a .nrg file to an .iso file so you can burn it, open up a terminal/console/shell (Konsole) window. Change to the directory the .nrg file is in, and type:
dd bs=1k if=image.nrg of=image.iso skip=300
Replace image.nrg with then name of your .nrg file (something.nrg), replace image.iso with the name you want your outgoing file to be (something.iso)

Then burn the disc using K3b and the .iso file that you just created.

Uh... don't forget to burn the disc as an image, not as data.

Here's the link I found for the UNIX command dd.

Disclaimer: K3b did a checksum before burning and it was successful. So I guess the checksum is on the actual data and not the extraneous Nero data. I haven't actually installed the CD yet, though, so we'll see...


SBnwl said...

Great news friend!
I used successfully, k3b identified the checksum correctly, and CD write went smoothly.

I would prefer this trick over the " nrg2iso " tool.... Much simpler things! Linux Rocks!!! Tricky things!

Rosario said...

Thanks a lot you made my work easy :)

thank u once again.


Anonymous said...

nrg2iso cancelled the conversion claiming the .nrg file was an .iso file actually. Thank you the command you gave worked well.

Gwince said...

Tried nrg2iso, failed.

Thanks for posting this, worked a treat! :D