Tuesday, 1 May 2007

WindowsXP/Kubuntu Dual Boot video

I am considering installing a dual boot system (Windows XP and Kubuntu) on a friend's system. I have no idea how to get started nor do I know anyone who has done this before.

I'm reasonably secure in formatting drive, partitioning drives, and setting up Windows. However, despite finding some instructions, I would like to know what to expect. What actually happens? What does the screen look like at this point? What do I need to pay close attention to? This video explains exactly that.

How to set up dual boot Windows XP and Kubuntu in video. Great idea!

(I'm a little on the fence on the crack about women getting turned on by the install. On one hand, it is kind of funny because women tend not to be turned on by nerds oogling a Linux box. On the other hand, from watching the video you can see why. Point is, the comment wasn't very mature and didn't belong in this type of video. If you want to encourage women in computing, don't turn it into adolescent boys' club. Looks like someone needs to read HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux. I'm not really upset about this, but I'm saying it was a stupid thing to do.)

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