Monday, 14 May 2007

Frostwire won't shut down, exit or quit

No matter if I closed Frostwire in the menu or the window button (X), it would not shut down. It would stay in my title bar. It did not move to the process bar on the right (unlike Frostwire on Windows).

I tried to shut down the service using the terminal/konsole:
ps -e | grep frostwire
No luck. But if you do
ps -e
you notice something. Ah, that's right, Frostwire uses JRE and looks like "Java", so that must be it.
kill ProcessIdOfTheJavaThingy
Does not kill the process. Nothing happens. (Replace ProcessIdOfTheJavaThingy with the number beside the program you want to kill). For fun, I tried:
sudo kill ProcessIdOfTheJavaThingy
That doesn't work either. Well, I guess I'll actually Google it or something.

This is not a bug (though that may be a matter of opinion...); it's a feature. Frostwire will not shutdown if there are items still waiting to finish. To fix this lovely feature, go into the Frostwire menus:
System Tray (on the left)
Select Shutdown Immediately
Well, that was easy.


UPDATE: easily kill a process that has a window - use a weird combination of both graphical and command line to kill a window! In your terminal, type
and then the system will prompt you to click on the window you want to kill. Great method for those of you who don't want to remember ps options and pipes.

Or... kill a process by name (say... "amarok") using pkill.
pkill amarok
Great link here about that.

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